Paper Heart Valentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and while some people are out spending hundreds of dollars on expensive jewelry and flowers, my wife and I have always favored a more hand-made, DIY approach.

Paper Heart Valentine 26 - Completed glam shot

So, ever since we started dating, I started making these origami paper heart valentines. These are easy to make (even for people who have never tried folding paper before), look very cute, and can even hold a rolled-up message in their center.

Whether you do get your significant other that bouquet of flowers or just the heartfelt message with dinner, these paper hearts add a nice personal touch.

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Paper Heart Valentine 01 - Components


So, all you will need to make your paper heart Valentine is a piece of square red paper and a strip of paper for you to write your message on.

The red paper can be just plain old computer paper, or can be special origami paper – they sell it in bunches at book stores and in hobby shops, but you can also buy some by clicking on the image to the left.

Paper Heart Valentine 02 - Starting to fold

Step By Step

Ok, so I will take this step by step. Start with the side you want to show down on the table.

Paper Heart Valentine 03 - First horizontal fold

Fold the paper in half horizontally.

Paper Heart Valentine 04 - Unfold


Paper Heart Valentine 05 - Fold vertically

Fold in half vertically, then unfold.

Paper Heart Valentine 06 - Fold down to the center

Fold the top edge down to the center crease, lining up the edges of the paper for a nice, straight line.

Paper Heart Valentine 07 - Flip and rotate

Crease the paper with your thumb and flip over, rotating around until the folded edge is toward you.

Paper Heart Valentine 09 - Fold other corner to the center

Fold the two bottom corners diagonally up to the center line. They should line up with each other as shown.

Paper Heart Valentine 10 - Flip over and rotate

Crease well with your thumb, then flip over again so the point is away from you.

Paper Heart Valentine 11 - Fold in half, flip over and rotate

Fold the bottom edge up to meet the point so that the center line and the point meet. Fold through all the layers.

Paper Heart Valentine 12 - Focus in

Now, you see those two long flaps along the bottom? We’ll be working with those next.

Paper Heart Valentine 13 - Making the first pocket

Grab just the uppermost layer and pull it down until it’s flat on the table. This should create a triangular pocket-like space.

Paper Heart Valentine 14 - Finished squash fold

Push the top of that pocket down so the crease in the middle lines up with the edge beneath it. Then crease its edges so it sits flat.

Paper Heart Valentine 15 - Making the second pocket

Repeat for the other side, pulling down the uppermost flap…

Paper Heart Valentine 16 - Finished squash fold

…and squash-folding the triangular pocket.

Paper Heart Valentine 17 - Fold in corners

Fold the bottom two corners to line up with the folded edge.

Paper Heart Valentine 18 - Fold up points

Then fold the bottommost tips up to meet that same edge.

Paper Heart Valentine 19 - Fold in sides

Two steps to go! Now we fold those two side wings horizontally in to the center crease.

Paper Heart Valentine 20 - Fold over the corner

Then, fold the two top corners away from you, tucking the paper into the pocket behind the point underneath.

Paper Heart Valentine 22 - Finished folding

The fold should make a diagonal to the center point like shown.

Paper Heart Valentine 23 - All done!

Flip over, and there you go!

Paper Heart Valentine 24 - Ready to add the note

Finishing Touches

The center has a pocket on both sides, so just write your message, roll or fold it up, and tuck it inside!

Paper Heart Valentine 27 - Paper hearts

It also goes great on the front of a card or on top of a present!

Happy Valentine’s Day, all.