Homemade Pizza Bagel Bites

It’s a cold, nasty day here in Ohio. It snowed early this morning, but as the day went on the snow became a steady, cold rain. Our road is too small for the plows to bother with, leaving a thick layer of slippery mush for us to deal with if we wanted to drive anywhere.

My wife and I decided not to go to the grocery like we planned.

So, as dinner time rolled around, I decided to improvise a little with what we had on hand. I made homemade pizza bagels.

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Bagel Pizza Bites - 01 Ingredients


As I looked in my fridge, my eye caught on a Pyrex bowl full of pizza sauce that I made a bit ago, right next to the homemade bagels that I made yesterday (get the recipe here!).

Visions of bagel bites danced in my head.

So, I found a bag of mozzarella and some pepperoni, and off we went.

Putting It Together

I’m going to just do a quick and dirty run-through of assembly.

Bagel Pizza Bites - 02 Sliced the bagel

Slice the bagel in half.

Bagel Pizza Bites - 03 Spreading the sauce

Spread on some sauce.

Bagel Pizza Bites - 04 Adding on cheese

Sprinkle on some cheese.

Bagel Pizza Bites - 05 Adding toppings

Add your toppings.

Bagel Pizza Bites - 06 Bake the Bagel Bites

From there, all you need to do is preheat the oven to 350 F and pop your pizza bagels for five minutes.

I used one of my baking stones, but if you don’t have one, you can click on the image to the left to go to a listing on Amazon.


Bagel Pizza Bites - 07 Finished bagel pizza bites

Bagel Bites, eat your heart out.

This of course works fine with store-bought bagels. But, if you find yourself stuck inside, make sure to try making the bagels yourself. They are way better than any bagged bread from Kroger.