Game of Thrones Pretzel Dragon Egg Nests

My wife and I are huge fans of Game of Thrones. Ever since we got turned onto the show back in college, we have caught each episode if not on the day it is released, then shortly thereafter. One of the longest and angriest fights we have had is whether the Hound is a Good Guy, or just A Guy.

So, as time has ticked down to the release of the final season (April 14th), we have steadily fed more and more fuel into the Hype Train.

Dragon Egg Nests - 11 - Textured eggs from above

With that in mind, I thought I would make my cooking a little Game-of-Thrones-y in celebration. So, we’ll start with a creative variation on one of my existing recipes: Soft Pretzel Dragon Egg Nests.

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Starting OutShaping the DoughVariations

Dragon Egg Nests - 01 - Pretzel Dough

Starting Out

For these Dragon Egg Nests, you first need to make a batch of soft pretzel dough. This dough is soft and pliable, but durable enough to hold a shape. So, first click on this link to open the soft pretzel recipe, then come back when you take the dough out of the mixing bowl.

If you’re back, let’s get started shaping some dough. Like usual, I am using a bowl scraper to do this. I would highly recommend it – these flat plastic pieces are remarkably useful, and are also really cheap to buy. Click on that picture to the left to get some of your own!


Shaping the Dough

So, with my pretzel recipe, you will get three pretty good-size nests. You can also divide the dough into more pieces to begin with to end up with more (but much smaller) nests.

Dragon Egg Nests - 02 - Divide the dough

To start with, divide the big dough ball into as many pieces as you want pretzels. I did three, but you can do more and my instructions after this will still make sense.

Dragon Egg Nests - 03 - Divide into nest and egg pieces

Now, take one of your smaller dough pieces. Cut off about a third of the dough piece. This will end up as the “nest.” Divide the remainder into three separate pieces. Don’t worry if they’re the same size – it’s more visually interesting if some are bigger than the others.

Dragon Egg Nests - 04 - Roll out nest

Roll the nest piece out into a long snake.

Dragon Egg Nests - 05 - connect the nest ends

Then curl around and pinch the ends together well to join them. Make sure you do this securely – one of mine wasn’t well joined so it came apart in the water.

Shape each piece into roughly an egg shape. It helped me to pull the creases on the dough bit by bit to a single side of the dough, then have that be the bottom of the egg so that it doesn’t show.

From here, you have two choices.

Dragon Egg Nests - 06 - Smooth-sided eggs

Choice one is to make smooth eggs. If you pick this, you are done shaping with your eggs. Arrange them inside the circled nest and gently put into the boiling baking soda water with a slotted spatula.

Choice two is ridged eggs, a little closer to how the eggs look in the show. If you pick this one, then you have a little more work to do.

On the bright side, you get to use scissors.

Dragon Egg Nests - 07 - Nip the dough with scissors

So, you just make small snips around the outside using the tips of the scissors. Make your way all the way down.

Dragon Egg Nests - 08 - Smooth down the spikes

Then, gently push those tips down so they aren’t sticking out from the surface before arranging in the nest.

If you made those pretzels, by the way (Hi, mom!), you might notice that I said slotted spatula there rather than slotted spoon to put the pretzels in the water. That is because I found that using a spatula was way better to keep these pretzels from falling apart. Bonus, it made it way easier to transfer the pretzels out of the water to the baking sheet.

Dragon Egg Nests - 09 - Textured eggs

Once baked (using the instructions from the Soft Pretzel Recipe here), you will have tasty, hand-made Pretzel Dragon Egg Nests!

Valar morghulis.

Dragon Egg Nests - 10 - Smooth Dragon Egg Nest


I can think of two other ways to make the soft pretzels into dragon eggs.

You could cut smaller pieces of dough in the first dividing, then make a single egg for each nest. The nest is key, though. Don’t just do the egg. I tried that first and they all sort of fell over sideways and looked bad. Tasty, but bad.

Alternatively, you could start with the egg being on its side. Then you simply need to cut in one direction all the way down the egg, no nest needed.

No matter how you make them, have fun with it and enjoy! No matter how they look, they will be just as tasty when they’re baked.